Our Policies

Important information.


1) Serenity Massage Therapies does not diagnose, prescribe or adjust the human skeletal structure. We will always recommend seeking the advice of your medical practitioner if you have any concerns regarding your health.



2) Illness: Please use your judgement if you are unwell & therefore unable to attend your appointment. We will not be able to see you if you have vomitting or an upset tummy or  a contagious disease/illness.



3) Cancellation: Please advise of the need to cancel by 4pm the day before your appointment or at the earliest available opportunity or a £25 cancellation fee will be payable. If you cancel on more than one occasion we will require full payment in advance for your next appointment.



4) Late arrival: If you arrive late for your appointment your treatment will run to the original scheduled time.



5) Confidentiality: All consultations are totally confidential and will not be disclosed or discussed with third parties.



6) Sexual advances: Our treatments are purely therapeutic/professional. Under no circumstances will sexual services  be offered or suggested. In the event that sexual advances or any inappropriate behaviour is displayed the treatment will cease immediately, the full fee will be payable & the individual reported to the local authorities/police


7) 50% deposit is required immediately for any group bookings/pamper parties, then the balance to follow on the morning of the event/party