Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I wear for a treatment?


A. For a back neck and shoulder massage you can just remove the upper layer of clothing.  For a full body treatment it is advisable to remove most clothing but keep underwear on. For Deep Tissue work, well fitting underwear or shorts may be preferable. You will at all times be covered in thick warm towels and we only uncover the area being worked on at the time.



Q. Can I eat or drink before a massage?


A.  A light meal is fine, however avoid heavy foods and alcohol before a treatment.



Q. How often should I get a massage?


A. In an ideal world you would gain the most benefit if you have a weekly or fortnightly treatment (if finances and time allow for this)  Especially  if working in a stressful or physically demanding job,  However, once a month is definitely better than not having a massage at all!



Q. Which treatment should I choose?


A. It is down to personal preference really. A back, neck, shoulder and head massage is amazing for working the most common areas of stress and tension - you will feel a million dollars better for it.

A full body Signature fantastic for all over relaxation and is deep enough to help aching muscles

A thai foot massage uses a mixture of massage strokes & acupressure applied using a thai foot stick (similar to reflexology) - if you like having your feet and lower legs treated this is a fantastic treatment. You can literally lie back and doze off it is so soothing

A deep tissue massage is great for sports/fitness enthusiasts or very active people with specific muscles/ areas which may have been pulled or strained.  

A seated acupressure massage is good for people who prefer to be treated in an upright position or don't like being undressed.

Warm bamboo massage is fabulous for treating deep knots and tight muscles and is very warming and healing.



Q. When is it not suitable for me to have a massage?


A. There are lots of contraindications to massage. Some are just localised ie we will avoid the problem area, some may require a signature/waiver/permission from your GP, others such as pregnancy, mean we can not treat you. If in doubt, please contact us  prior to booking a treatment to discuss if massage is suitable for you.